Nintendo At E3

22 Feb 2014, by admin in Case Studies, Corporate, Featured, Video

PUSH At The E3 Expo Representing Nintendo

SYNOPSIS: PUSH was on hand to help Nintendo launch the 3D hand-held games revolution, providing over 160 attractive Brand Ambassadors to help demonstrate the new gaming system at the E3 Gaming Show in Los Angeles, CA. Staffing, coordinating and executing such a large event in a huge activation area took a great deal of focused effort from the PUSH managers and supervisors.

ACTION: PUSH and Nintendo worked hand-in-hand to hire well-trained brand ambassadors to demonstrate their new games and reveal new Nintendo products. PUSH even hired hospitality managers to accommodate catering and all other hospitality needs for Nintendo’s employees, VIPs and gaming staff. The models spent their time talking to gamers about the new games and features and showed them how to use them.

RESULT: In the end, Nintendo was awarded with the “most innovative new product” award for 2010, a great honor considering the number of new games and systems that debuted that year. The result was a resounding success overall, and Nintendo/PUSH was even featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal!

Nintendo was very pleased with PUSH’s efforts and since then they have become a regular client.



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