Top Ten Reasons Why PUSH Is The Premier Event Staffing Company In The Nation.


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With all of the event staffing and promotional modeling companies out there, “WHY PUSH” is a very fair question, and one that we really like to answer, because there is so much that sets us apart.  We’re MUCH more than just another event staffing company, and we think that showing you the top 10 reasons why were are different will enlighten you as to why we are the best promotional modeling and event staffing company working today, and why a little “PUSH” can make a BIG difference in your next event or campaign… So here we go.

promotional modeling - our experienced staff and our global reach

Our outstanding staff is the lifeline of our business. PUSH comes “fully loaded” with a trained and dedicated team of event managers, account specialists, booking managers, recruiters, marketing “brains” and of course, tens of thousands of the best models across the U.S. and Canada. PUSH is a large operation with almost a dozen offices across the US, yet we we still endeavor to give personal attention and exceptional customer service typically only found with smaller “boutique” agencies.
PUSH’s local office is located in New Jersey, but because of our database and our dedicated staff across the US, our reach extends across North America. We maintain an expansive national database of tens of thousands of Brand Ambassadors, Models, Managers and promotional staff that stretches across the nation.  We also cooperate with other PUSH offices to make sure that your event is executed with skill, integrity and professionalism, no matter where it occurs.  We call this our “Global/Local” paradigm.  Extensive reach and abilities, but with a strong local presence, local market knowledge and personalized attention. We currently have other PUSH offices located in Las Vegas, Arizona, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Tampa and Toronto.

event staffing - push has many years of experience staffing and executing events

Technology plays an important part in the success of any event staffing or branding campaign, so PUSH has worked to develop some really useful and innovative software that gives our clients the ability to build, manage and track the effectiveness of each and every assignment.  PUSH customers can log in to their own custom admin system, review their upcoming events, research and select their staff, set up brand tests and online training, create event recaps and much more.  We are constantly integrating new ideas into the system to make it more valuable to our clients with each new update and keep us “ahead of the curve” with regards to the technology we offer.
You are partnering with a VERY experienced and “road tested” crew when you choose PUSH.  Because of our extensive experience staffing and executing of just about any type of event imaginable, our staff knows what works and what doesn’t.  Our customers benefit from our extensive experience as we’ve overcome just about any kind of assignment-related challenge you can think of.  We have also discovered that proper preparation goes a LONG way to avoid most issues that occur “in the moment”, so we make sure to always prepare fully before the event as well as a strong contingency plan in place just in case that problem does arise.  We won’t let it get in the way of achieving your branding objectives!

Our extensive promotional models and brand ambassador database, you are covered for $4 million

PUSH’s national database of promotional models, brand ambassadors, field managers and other types of staff is unmatched in the business.  Our aggressive recruiting efforts over the past few years has yielded a database with almost 60,000 staff across the U.S.  We maintain a staff of full-time recruiting managers and along with our online visibility on search engines, we see 100 to 200 new applicants each and every day from markets large and small.  This means we can support our clients just about anywhere that they need us across North America, something few if any other agencies can do.  And we’re not just focused on quantity, either.  We make sure that our chosen staff meets our strict standards for looks, experience, personality and talent.  
Giving our clients peace of mind is important to us.  PUSH just upgraded our comprehensive general liability insurance to four million to protect our clients for any event or promotion across North America.  It is very rare for most agencies to provide this level of protection (or any liability protection at all).  This is just another one of the many ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors.  Upon request, PUSH will add your company to our policy as an “additional insured” for the length of your event or campaign.  This protection is included in our agency fee and we are pleased to be able offer it to our clients as another way we look out for their best interests.

push offers exposure via our promotional models' social networks and unique data capture solutions.

PUSH has a mobile social photo sharing app and technology that will help you take your event to the next level. Simply download our app technology on any IOS or Android device and you can instantly start taking branded photos of your event guests, capturing leads and generating millions of social impressions for your brand from each and every event, as it’s happening!

Maximizing exposure across the most popular social media channels is an integral part of the brand strategy for many marketers, and we want to make sure our customers get as much exposure as possible when they choose us as a partner for their event or campaign.  So PUSH came up with special feature that automatically streams organic branding messages on the Facebook pages of the staff you have chosen to promote your product or brand.  We call it our “Facebook Marketer Program”.  Our aim is to create viral conversations and utilize the expansive networks of our staff to expose and promote your brand.  We want you to view us as your partner in the field, so this is just another benefit we offer to make our efforts on your behalf more valuable.

Data capture is a vital process when you are engaging your customers, because receiving feedback from them and also following up with them is where real results are achieved.  Our data capture systems can make all the difference when your staff is in the field and engaging your target customers.  You can utilize this system to track impressions, capture contact data and gain valuable feedback through each interaction.  Customers using this system can capture personal data and communication information, survey guests and engage customers through a brand interactive promotional digital campaign that generates stronger metrics and results.

PUSH can help you brand your event with printed materials, uniforms and more. We are 100% committed to our clients' success.

PUSH functions as a full service partner in the field, and this extends to branded uniforms,  printed materials and signage or virtually any other type of marketing collateral you need for your event or campaign.  PUSH customers have full access to our in-house marketing and graphic design department to take care of your every need, and do it at competitive prices.  We are fast, creative, thorough and committed to being a one-stop shop everything you need at the PUSH of just one button!  Please contact us for more information on these services. 
Last but not least is our caring and commitment to our people, our business and our customers.  We constantly and consistently go “above and beyond” to make sure that we are serving you with excellence.  We hear it time and time again, just how much more we are involved in the process and the efforts that we take extend far beyond other agencies.  We are open 24/7/365 because that is how we best serve you.   We take our commitment to you very seriously and always do everything in our power to make your event or campaign a qualified and resounding success!  Choosing PUSH as your agency allows you to see that we mean what we say!


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